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Certificate of residence for tax of Richard Hyckes as a Yeoman of the Chamber of Elizabeth I - 1567

A certificate certifying my 10th great-grandfather, Richard Hyckes, as being a yeoman of the Chamber of Queen Elizabeth I. Richard Hyckes was the head of the workshop which produced the Sheldon Tapestries in Barcheston, Warwickshire. Transcribed by myself, with thanks to Baroness Ysabella-Maria Vasquez de Granada for photographing the document for me.

vvijo die marche Ao. Ragni Regine Elizabeth nono/

I Willi[a]m lord haward of Effingham of the nobell order of
The garter knight and lord Chamberlayn of the
quenes ma[jes]t[ie]s most honerabell Chamber and Sir ffran[cis]
knotts knight vicechamberlayn of the Sayd Chamber
Comissioners named and apponnted amongest other of
hyr gracs Sayd Chamber of and for the firste Taxacia[n]
and payment of A Soubsidi grannted Unto hyr hyghnes
by hyr hygh[nes']s Courte of parylment houlden at westm[inster]
by progacions the Last days of September in the
Eight yer of hyr hyghnes Rayne Do Sartifi Unto
all other hyr ma[jes]t[ie]s Comissioner Unto whome yt
shall ap[urt]ayn [th]at Richard hyckes one of the
ordnari yeomon of the quenes ma[jes]t[ie]s chamber is vallud
be for us after the Ratte of xjo ijli xs in wages

The National Archives catalogue entry:
Certificate of residence showing Richard Hyckes to be liable for taxation in the Royal...
Reference: E 115/182/141
Description: Certificate of residence showing Richard Hyckes to be liable for taxation in the Royal Household.
(Details of which pouch this certificate was removed from are now lost.)
Date:     1567
Held by:     The National Archives, Kew
Legal status:     Public Record(s)
Closure status:     Open Document, Open Description

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