Friday, 10 July 2020

My Gateway Ancestors into the SCA Period

It's a common concept in genealogy to talk about f=gatewat ancestors, often the ones that provide the link from one territory to another, such as those that were the initial immigrants to a new country. The same concept can be applied in time, So below are my gateway ancestors into the SCA period. I have set the boundary as the first person born within period, whether or not they died in period or after. Usually the bridge the boundary. This list will be updated as time goes on.

ADDAMS, Walter
(bp.1564 Driffield, Gloucestershire; br. 1632 Eastleach Martin, Gloucestershire)
Curate of Eastleach Martin and Eastleach Turville.

[AUSTEN], Abigail
(br.1643 Wiginton, Oxfordshire)
Married to Nycholas Austen and mother of Abigail who married William Huckvale.

AUSTEN, Nycholas
(bn: 1557 Gloucestershire; d.1613 Banbury, Oxfordshire)
Daughter, Abigail, by his second marriage to Abigail, married William Huckvale.
Graduate of Oxford University, long term town clerk for Banbury, Oxfordshire.

AYRES, Rachell
(m.1605 Haseley, Warwickshire; br.1656 Allesley, Warwickshire)
Married to Thomas Rawbone.

(bp.1594 Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire; m.1632 Wigginton, Oxfordshire)
Married to Abigail Austen, daughter of Nycholas Austen and his wife Abigail.


(m.1605 Haseley, Wawickshire; br.1651 Allesley, Warwickshire)
Married to Rachell Ayres.

(m.1593 Milton, Worcestershire; br.1647 Whitchurch, Warwickshire)
Married to Humfrey Underhill.

(bn.1559; m.1593 Milton, Worcestershire; br.1634 Whitchurch, Warwickshire)
Married to Jane Thrift.

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