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Inventory for the Probate of Arthure Huckvale - Wigginton, Oxfordshire - 1634

The inventory for the probate of Arthur Huckvale (c.1560-1634) of Wigginton, Oxfordshire, Gentleman, husband to Alecia ex Bruce nee Stratford, step-father to William and Abigail Bruce (married to Nicholas Austen). He is not a direct ancestor and appears to have had no children of his own, but he is almost certainly the grandson of Christopher Huckvale, my 11th great-grandfather via another Huckvale line. Arthur, did however, marry Alecia, the widow of William Bruce (who died in July 1577, as a result of the Black Assizes of Oxford. William Bruce and Alecia are my 10th great-grandparents and Arthur left the residue of his estate to be split between his two step-children whom he also made executors. Transcribed by myself.
Source: Oxfordshire Wills Index, 1516-1857; Registered Will; 199.21; 31/4/7; Oxfordshire Archives


     An Inventorie taken at wigginton in the
    Countie of Oxford of the goods & Chattells
    of Arthure Huckvale gent[leman] late of
    wigginton deceassed, the Seaventh day
    of October in the yeere of o[ur] lord 1634.
    & praysed by George Blount. Thomas
    Huckell John Croftes & Humfry Hall
                                                                                      £ . S . d
Imp[ri]mis all his wearinge aparrell                             x  - 0 - 0
Item in redy monies    _    _    _    _                            78 - ii - vj
Item one ioyne Bedsteede one ioyne Cubberd three
Chests two Coffers one litle box & one Chayre &
two litle Stooles    _    _    _    _                                    iiij - 0 - 0
Item two ffetherbeds one flock bed three
fether bolsters fine fether pillowes with valeure
& Cartagnes    _    _    _    _    _                                    10 - x - 0
Item ffine Couerlids seuen blankets & three Cushins   ii - vj - viij
Item fower gold rings one siluer thimble
and one siluer lacinge needle    _    _    _                      ii - x - 0
Item sixteene payre of sheets fine bord
of table napkins three pillowbeares    _    _                 vij - x - 0
Item one basen & ewer one other basen
two dozen of pewter platters seuen
Saucers eight perringers fower salt
sellers & two pewter Candlestickes    _    _                 ij - vj - viij
Item seuen brasen Candlestickes two
Chanernedishes one brzen flower pott    _    _             0 - xv - 0
Item all his bookes    _    _    _    _                               0 - xiij - iiij
Item one Iron barr one payre of
Andirons & diuerse other implements    _    _             j - 0 - 0
Item more in money due from mr
Parramore of Hoocknorton on
Michaelmas Day last past    _    _    _                        xiiij - 0 - 0
                                                                Total    _    128 - 14 - 2
George Blount:
Tho Huckell
John J Croftes
   his   marke.
Humfry H Hall
        his    marke/

Ex[ecu]tu[m] erat, hoc In[v]ent]uram apud Oxon Tertio
Die mensis Novembris Anno D[omi]ni 1634
p[er] W[illia]m Bruce et Abigal Austin ex[ecuto]res
testam[en]ti ac pro vero et perfecto In[vent]ure &c
sub p[ro]testato[n]e tamen de addendo &c quod si &c

It was executed, this Inventory at Oxford on the Third
Day of the month of November Anno Domini 1634
through William Bruce and Abigal Austin executors
of the testament and for the true and perfect Inventory etc.
under protestation nevertheless about which is to be added etc. which if etc.

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